Erica Campbell - my all time favorite

Erica Campbell was a soft-core adult glamour model during the 2000's.  She made a big splash online, and became quite a popular model.

I particularly liked her because she actually does look like a "girl next door".  She's got a nice, natural body (besides the real breasts she even had two large moles on her back that she never tried to cover up), no nasty tattoos and only a belly button piercing, and a sweet personality from what I've read about her and seen on interview videos of her.  She also never did hard-core in any way.  About the closest she got to that was some girl-girl action, but it was never involving anything more than mouth-on-breast kind of stuff.  Erica was definitely in charge of how she wanted the imaging of her shoots to go.

Though there were also rumors of a pregnancy (which probably aren't rumors if you take a look at the obvious increase in her breast size in some of her last pics -- see if you can find them below), the most-known reason she quit the adult business a few years back was to devote her life to following Christianity and continuing to aid her family's animal rescue business.  She declared that no one else would be seeing her naked except her husband.  As I said before, she definitely was in charge of how she wanted to do things and left the business on her own terms.

I respect that, although I think the world is missing out on a really beautiful model, and I don't necessarily mean nude.  There are some gorgeous pics out there of Erica that were absolutely stunning whether she had clothes on or not.  Here's some of my favorite stuff from her:

Here's an early video.  One of the few (maybe only?) where she simulates having sex.  No audio -- EXCEPT for her second go round on her sex simulation.

Busty Babe Strips Naked by slutaddict

Another one of my favorites from early on.  Whether she's actually masturbating herself or only simulating it, who knows - AND - who cares.

In this one, Erica's acting like a belly dancer. It's not the greatest video for a few reasons: no sound, her "belly dancing" really isn't good (or the point of the video obviously), and it's very slowly paced, so some of the sexy stuff isn't even gotten to until halfway through the video. But the video is entirely worth it for me during the last few minutes - especially the close up face shots during the last thirty seconds. She's absolutely gorgeous.

Man, she was the prettiest thing out there, wasn't she?

Cutie Pie - Erica Campbell by guypearcefan2

Yes, please.  Thank you.  More?

Erica Campbell - sexy underwear by EROTICDREAM

This is a fun little video. She's dressed up all office style for "Alan".

Nice closeups on this one.

Erica Cambell Showing Her Meaty Pussy powered by YouPorn.

This is a sexy and fun video of her playing around on a bed.


This one's a "fantasy office" video.  Nice.

I actually like this video just as much for the editing as I do the content!

This one is from Mystique, and their videos are usually very pretty and they make the women look absolutely gorgeous.  This video is very artsy and quite beautiful.  Up until near the end.  Then they start doing some weird tribal Pacific island "tying up the prisoner" thing that ruins the whole flow.  So if you're looking for gorgeously shot video of Erica watch until 3:26.

This one's a little weird, too.  But sexy.

Really pretty, nice gentle pacing, beautiful face shots.

If you're looking for your erection, I think it might be found here.

She clearly doesn't know how to play billiards.  But I'm not gonna be the one to stop what she's doing.

Source :

This last one is from the end of her career.  We'll call them "pregnancy boobs", yes?

Erica Campbell Poses in a Pink Striped Top by AdultWhiz

And now to end with some of my favorite pics of her:

These last few come from one of my favorite photoshoots of hers, with the last picture being my all-time favorite photo of Erica.

Thank you, Erica!